We colid save aneml

We clod keep the pela fme

Killing them and make

Them a kops theg

And kill them wht htra thetf.


Last time I tao a bea and I was akea side I was goin to mcneil cglea plase

And I wnta to go see spdr man 2 the move

And wanae i wnts to the hose

And I was waising snja and crave

And I want to bad.


Mceaie and Davtd Eat crabs.

Marcia and David swae fsae.

Marcia and Davud hava a cat.

Marcia and Davud hava a saill boat.

Marcia and Davud have students.

Marcie and David seaw dlafns.


Last tima i weok up and I want in the ksaen and my mom gave me a pop tral

And waen my mom laft I was playing they DESA and wnae my mom came hoam

She saed hwae lage you have bane on the Game and I Sadi not loag

Andi cape playing it and I was brda


I. Wcae up and I was in the hndra and my big stra vne sida to nkea do you wnt to go to the mla and dad sida you doot wnat to go wtha vna and we wnat to gdnas

Hosa and I was plag HSA plasn tsnae and I and I was plnag hsae platsna

And I was plig thes fdag Gmae and BLDA was out thes gsae.


We wrae brtaing and stfa


Last tmae iwcae up and then I was going to the moves to see cptna amrcae and I was tread and I was a sleep and my dad woke me up and I wthsae to the hsae

And my iyae wsa msag whta me and my mom gvae me thes mdaesn and she cpae

Tlage me to tcaeh the iae tpsae and I Sadi NO and she cpae tlagj me to TVA them

And LSTA tam I tca them and I dad like them



    I am Kal-El.


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